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What are you doing this Christmas break to re-charge?

So often we think of re-charging as a chance to sleep, sit on the couch, binge-watch shows and movies, take a walk, go to the beach (because in Florida, we go to the beach in December), etc.  And while resting is definitely part of re-charging, there is a real danger in allowing ourselves to simply immerse ourselves in whatever is in front of us without any intentionality.

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Alumni Spotlight: Dan and Deniece Proctor

LRM_EXPORT_27371868295647_20190809_140629011 (1)Dan (’89) and Deniece (’87) Proctor have invested their lives into Crossroads Church in Daytona Beach.  In fact, 2019 marks their 30th anniversary of faithful service at Crossroads!

A native of Missouri, Dan came to TBC as a new Christian.  It was of his own initiative that he found TBC in his search for a Christian college.  He enrolled in 1985, uncertain of what to expect.

He quickly found a place to serve in the bus ministry – and wouldn’t you know it, a beautiful secondary education major from Michigan by the name of Deniece Webster was working on the same bus!  It wasn’t long before their acquaintance evolved into dating.  Dan and Deniece were married soon after her graduation in 1987.

Bible classes and preaching were a new world to Dan. With so much information coming at him so fast, he felt a bit overwhelmed at times, but it pushed him to grow spiritually in ways that may not have happened otherwise.  “I came to Trinity as a new Christian and didn’t know much.  Tom Messer was a professor back then and he taught Homiletics… the class taught me so much about studying the Bible. It was life-changing for me.  In hindsight, it shaped my life!”

Every TBC student has funny college stories and the Proctors are no exception!  From spilling an entire tray of full communion cups on Deniece in the middle of church to a confusing case of mixed up keys that resulted in accidental car theft (no worries – everyone got their own car back by the end of the night) they experienced all the classic tales of hilarity and woe that befall the typical Christian college student.

In 1989, Dan and Deniece moved to Daytona where he served as Assistant Pastor at Crossroads.  Five years later he was voted in as Senior Pastor and that is where they continue to serve the people of Daytona Beach together.  They now have three grown children and two grandchildren.

The church continues to grow with three services each Sunday and they are considering a fourth service hour to accommodate the crowd.  The church recently finished construction on a new Connections Building which houses an indoor playground and coffee house.  The area is open to the public and it is their prayer that this will be an effective way to reach their immediate community with the gospel.

Would you pray for Crossroads Church this Christmas season?  They are gearing up for one of their biggest outreach events of the year: Walk Through Bethlehem.  This annual community event serves over 10,000 people from their area every year, with hundreds of church volunteers participating in everything from building the outdoor set (the town of Bethlehem) to acting out the parts of the villagers, decorating, and sharing the gospel with each individual who comes by to enjoy the event.  Please pray for this time of concentrated evangelism in Daytona this Christmas.

If you would like to visit the event yourself, the dates are set for December 13-15 and 19-22.  Read more on the event page: https://www.crbible.com/wtb/.

Pay for college… with someone else’s money!


No, really.  Pay for college with someone else’s money!

And no, robbing a bank is not how you do it.

We’re talking about legitimately, legally, honestly, and without any shady deals, paying for college.  With someone else’s money.

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Alumni Spotlight: Jim Urban

Urban family
James, Becky, Joshua, and Connor

James (Jim) Urban remembers the day when a TBC student knocked on his parents’ front door.  He and his sister were young kids at the time and experiencing an unstable family environment.  That day, the conversation between his father and the TBC student led to a spiritual transformation in the Urban family: lost souls found a savior, a broken family found forgiveness and reconciliation, and a young man grew up with a desire to help others who find themselves in difficult situations.  Jim eventually earned his Bachelor’s degree at TBC and was involved in outreach ministries similar to the one that broke through in his own life.

For Jim, earning his Bachelor’s was just the beginning – but he took that beginning very seriously. As a Pastoral Theology major Jim was privileged to learn under some of the most iconic professors in the history of TBC.  He made it a point to take all of the classes taught by John Cash, Charles Shafer, and Bob Kendall.  You know that was a workload!

After graduation, Jim and his wife, Becky, moved to VA where they both completed their Master’s degrees at LU: Jim in Professional Counseling and Becky in Music Education.  It was when he started his Masters studies that Jim realized just how thankful he was for his college professors.  “I was pushed to the grad work level without even realizing it.  It made my life so much easier when I was doing my masters work.  I had all this groundwork already in place and I knew how to write papers!”

One of his favorite memories took place in Dr. Cash’s summer Greek II class.  “Everyone in class was on the verge of burnout – most of us were married and had full time jobs; it was just a tough time for all of us.  Suddenly, Dr. Cash sat down on the edge of the desk and stunned us all by saying, ‘Let me tell you about something that happen to me when I was in college…’ that conversation is forever ingrained in my mind.  The compassion he showed at that moment got me through that week and stayed with me.”

In 2017, Jim and Becky transitioned back to Jacksonville.  These days Jim is pursuing doctorate work and runs his own local counseling practice, Uplift Counseling Center, while also teaching several online courses for TBC.  This past year, he graciously made an internship opportunity in his practice available to a current TBC senior.  Becky Urban teaches music in TCA elementary and they have two sons, Joshua and Connor.

What’s All The Fuss About FAFSA?

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When late October rolls around on the calendar, colleges all over the country start talking about something called the FAFSA.  You may have seen it on social media, in emails from colleges, and even through personal conversations with college representatives. If you aren’t familiar with the world of college financial aid, you probably have some questions.  Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Carnley

Joseph Carnely
Joseph Carnley – TBC Commencement 2019

TBC’s most recent graduating class walked in early May and an unlikely candidate found himself among the Pastoral Theology group.

Each alumnus has a unique story.  In christian circles, the term “redemption” is often used in a spiritual sense but this particular story is one of physical as well as spiritual redemption.
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Introducing new Director of Development

Heavener family

We are excited to announce Michael Heavener as Trinity Baptist College’s new Director of Development. Michael and his family are joining us after 5 years of cross-cultural ministry in Germany.  As Director of Development, Michael will be instrumental in managing fund-raising, annual fund giving, Capital Campaigns, endowment growth, athletic facility advertising, and planned giving.

Michael is no stranger to TBC, as he served as both the Assistant to the President and Director of Recruiting from 2010-2015. His past involvement at TBC is to our benefit as it will enable us to begin near-immediate implementation of processes and ideas that will advance the ministry of Trinity Baptist College.

Michael came to faith in Jesus Christ through personal study of the Scriptures.  He and his wife, Silke, have two children: Ariella (nine) and Noah (five). Michael holds a BA from The Citadel, as well as an M-Div and MA from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is a former Army Medical Service Corps Officer who led soldiers during two deployments in Iraq (’04, ‘06-‘07).

In 2015, Michael and Silke followed God’s direction to pursue cross cultural ministry opportunities in Germany. To facilitate this calling, Michael accepted a civilian position with the U.S. Army Medical Department, which enabled Michael and his family to relocate to Germany for up to five years.  As an Army Civilian, Michael served as the program manager and analyst for manpower staffing and workforce structure for all Army Health Clinics in southern Germany.  He developed a variety of new processes and products and his work received commendation from the highest-ranking levels of leadership in the Regional Health Command Europe.  Outside of his work with the Army, Michael was able to focus on ministry opportunities.  He served as one of three elders for Frei Evangeliche Gemeinde (a local German church) in Hersbruck. Along with the Pastor and other elders, Michael’s efforts contributed to a new mission strategy and organization structure for the church. Additionally, Michael served in the areas of preaching and teaching for the main congregation, youth, and small groups.

Michael chose to forego opportunities to continue working for the Department of Defense in a Stateside transition upon completion of his contract.  Instead, he accepted the opportunity to return to Trinity Baptist College, where he will once again join TBC in its mission to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Michael and Silke plan to attend Trinity Baptist Church’s Oakleaf Campus, where they were part of the original launch team, and where Michael previously led a homegroup before departing for Germany.

The Student {athlete} Life at TBC


The chance to keep playing their favorite sport while earning a degree is the ultimate goal of many young people.

The student athlete life is exciting and fun!  There are plenty of opportunities to make friends, travel, enjoy healthy competition, and even make a name for themselves.

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3 Things To Learn The Summer Before College

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There are so many things to do the summer before you begin college!  Assuming you have already been accepted and know where you will attend, your attention may shift from submitting documents and meeting deadlines to accomplishing something on your bucket list or learning practical life skills.  Continue reading

TBC now offering scholarship match for MK students

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Missionary families face unique challenges when it comes time to make college plans – whether it be for adults who are going back to finish a degree or earn a new one, or for a missionary kid (MK) who is venturing into the world of college for the first time.  Here at TBC, we do what we can to make that transition less stressful.  One way we are helping to improve that “re-entry” experience is by offering a scholarship match for missionary families. Continue reading